Best Opportunities for the Perfect wedding Anniversary Ideas Now

It seems that just yesterday you were the bride and groom. Worried, blushed and eagerly awaited the moment when you say the cherished: “Yes.” And open a new chapter of your life – family life. And, meanwhile, a year, two, ten, twenty, fifty years have already passed and each time on the anniversary of the wedding, the memories of the most solemn day roll with a doubled, or even tripled force.

But each wedding anniversary has a special meaning and means an important stage of family relations. Over the years, the union is becoming stronger and more beautiful, and each New Year marks the next stage of married life.

1st wedding anniversary – Wedding Anniversary, Wedding Gifts

The first year is the most important in the life of the spouses. They only get to know each other, grind. Chintz – the material is often bright and variegated, not very durable, but simple and pleasant to the body.

In the first year of married life, it is customary to give products from calico: dressing gowns, napkins, etc. You can creatively approach the gift and build a bag of calico with your own hands, putting in it a more expensive gift. With the Wedding Anniversary Ideas the deals are there also.

2nd wedding anniversary – Paper wedding

In the second year of marriage, it is customary to give paper products, for example, money that will never be superfluous for a young family. The paper should remind lovers of the fragility of happiness.

So, on the second anniversary of the wedding, you can arrange a romantic evening at home, decorating the room with hearts of colored paper and products made in the technique of “origami”. Hogtastic Northwest

3rd Wedding Anniversary – Leather Wedding

Leather is a symbol of the third wedding anniversary. Bags, belts, wallets is the perfect gift for the second half of this date.

4th wedding anniversary – Linen wedding Linen

The goods are presented to each other by spouses on the 4th wedding anniversary. Linen tablecloths, curtains and bedding will be an excellent complement to the interior of a young family.

5th wedding anniversary – Wooden wedding

The symbol of the first anniversary of the family is natural wood, durable material. It is best on this day to give the spouses objects for the house, made of wood – boxes, dishes, furniture.

6th wedding anniversary – Cast Iron Wedding

From year to year the family gets stronger. That is why it is cast iron – the symbol of the sixth wedding anniversary.

7th wedding anniversary – Copper wedding

On the seventh wedding anniversary, the spouses exchange coins. And, if on holiday a husband and wife decided to go on a trip, then by all means you need to throw a coin into the sea, river, fountain or other body of water. Also on this day, a loving spouse can prepare an oriental dance for her husband and perform it in a dress decorated with ringing coins.

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